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Investment Opportunities
Many other projects have been started and in the pipeline. My partner with two award winning films under  her belt is moving forward. Though she is always looking for collaborators or investors.  

Stories owned by enigma mac productions Inc. .
Are true life stories of the Life of Patrick McWilliams. A summaryof those is :

 My story should be told because it deals with peaks and Valleys of Human experience. This is a story of extremes. From Early years to Musical production involvement to Vietnam extreme combat experience . Also a series of discoveries or ideas that spanned from FBI to leading college political upheaval . Then to ideas that led me to dealing with everything from space exploration and aerospace companies to Major production by CBS News. One of the Highlights was my meeting with Lt gen. graham Pres. Reagans man for Star Wars. Love lost to divorce homelessness . Final diagnosis by V.A. 100% disability PTSD and Manic Depression.

Now at 68 one of my quests is to tell my stories and possibly understand the Journey I have traveled and where the multiplicity of ideas and summit's I have reached have come from.Was purely by chance it Also to prove or disprove Mineral deposits I have discovered with the aid of world renowned PHDs  That could be worth 100's of Billions of Dollars and includes Critical and strategic minerals for the U.S.A.

Some of the supporting documents
                     ENIGMA  PROJECT


 Prior to making offer or letter of intent . Review websites or contact Me
Notice ! 30% offer has increased to 
$ 15,000,000. for 30% in both corporations. This applies to possible plan with multiple profit points described on websites. 
 **We are open to all proposals ***
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