Enigma Mac Productions

"THE ENIGMA PROJECT" is a proposed series . Chief target market " GOLD RUSH " Viewers. follows Mineral Exploration underway of Deposits worth possible HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of $$!

  A NATIONAL COMPETITION will add Members to Macs team ( laborers/experienced Miners/to Geologists will have a chance to be on MAC'S team)All Team members have an Opportunity to earn a %. 

 The  PROJECT  is a variation of a possible Movie or series of Patrick E McWilliams life experiences. With an emphasis on the Minerals search portion of his Life experiences. A brief overview of this past history is laid out in videos produced a few years ago. Three videos were produced. http://www.enigmamacproductions.com/Episodes.html

      Have decided that "THE ENIGMA PROJECT" is more appropriate titkle for proposed show.Enigma Mac refers to Me. It was a creation of Heather Reichel. She is the one who produced the videos for me and then other concepts and trademarks. Enigma Mac comes from the Mineral Project which I named "The Enigma Project". Referring to the complexity of the mineral Deposits. She then extended that complexity in describing ME.

Episodes development has many choices. As I would envision. Could begin with a combination of back story and history of mining to set the Romantic tone. Then add in some claim staking and applying for permits. Then add some footage of attempts to find small high grade deposits. 

Immediately in the first episode combined with the aforementioned. The "NATIONAL COMPETITION" is introduced. A search for other members to complete MAC'S "TEAM". This opens the opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to be given the "OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME ". Equates and exceeds the 'BILLION DOLLAR LOTTERY"! All of those chosen earn a % upon successful accomplishment of fixed Goals. 

Other episodes or seasons include some of the following a few examples:
1. Use of horses or mules to establish camps
2. Use of zip lines to improve logistics and limit environmental impact.
3. Trenching, pick and shovel work.
4. Use of other exploration techniques.
5. Mining for high grade deposits
6. Core drilling shallow and deep holes. 

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