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  Listed below is a sequential list of some true stories and brief description. The theme throughout are ideas or discoveries . Which led me to the highest levels of government agencies and Corporations.
 My stories should be told because it deals with peaks and Valleys of Human experience. This is a story of extremes. From Early years to Musical production involvement to Vietnam extreme combat experience . Also a series of discoveries or ideas that spanned from FBI to leading college political upheaval . Then to ideas that led me to dealing with everything from space exploration and aerospace companies to Major production by CBS News. One of the Highlights was my meeting with Lt gen. graham Pres. Reagans man for Star Wars. Love lost to divorce homelessness . Final diagnosis by V.A. 100% disability PTSD and Manic Depression.

Now at 68 one of my quests is to tell my stories and possibly understand the Journey I have traveled and where the multiplicity of ideas and summit's I have reached have come from.Was purely by chance ? Also to prove or disprove Mineral deposits I have discovered with the aid of world renowned PHDs That could be worth 100's of Billions of Dollars and includes Critical and strategic minerals for the U.S.A.

The following is a sequential list of events or stories that were interspersed between over forty plus jobs.

Vietnam service U.S.M.C. that involved extreme combat. the worst event was when our hill was overrun . Which resulted in our command structure being destroyed and over 50% casualties.

Met regularly with FBI agent relative to S.D.S. and drug trafficking and other political matters.

Met with 3 FBI agents in emergency meeting . Which from time of call to headquarters they arrived within 45 minutes . Which would usually take 1&1/2 hours. subject was compromise of vital link in Defense communications network. This resulted in shut down and relocation of link.

Led student group which resulted in President of college resigning.Also the college needed to be renamed.

Discovered high grade gold and lost location and after years of searching 5 years ago found location . Also continued exploration and research has led to 3 deposits worth possible 100's of Billions.

While attending Fort Lewis College , Durango  Colorado. One class I had was " Operations Research" Clinton Bidwell was our professor who opened the office for Bear Sterns L.A. . He posed two questions to me and another student who was the son of the Iranian Ambassador to the U.S. during the Shah of Iran. Question# 1 what is the optimum price for OPEC to charge for oil ?  My answer was low as possible. Question #2 Design a model that describes the Stock Market. My answer Amoeba .

Was invited by Mr. Teets President of Martin Marietta Aerospace.Subjects facilities construction earth and space.Space construction was method of large structures in space. Which I stated was an " exponential link ". Which is a discovery or change that causes exponential growth in an endeavor "breakthrough" .In this case the industrialization of space. 

Met with General John K. Singlaub who recommended I meet with General Daniel O. Graham . He was President Reagan's man for "star wars " or S.D.I. . Which was the program that in part led to the break up of the U.S.S.R. .Subjects were space construction ideas and detection or disguise  of launch of Nuclear Missiles.After explaining my ideas . He said for me to get a modem and PC and they would connect me into a group of people all over the world. The groups function was to solve problems that arise from time to time. We also would communicate on my ideas.This was pre internet.

Sent message in an unconventional manner to Charles Kuralt C.B.S. . My idea was that most people had a touch tone phone and T.V. so a system could be put in place that would allow citizens in district's across the country to show on a consistent basis where they stood on particular issues.....!    Within a day or so C.B.S. Dan Rather announced they were going to do something never done before.After President Bush's state of union address . They would be doing an live poll " America on the Line" . So many tried to call
it crashed the phone system.

Other stories and documents to be released in time

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