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 This page is dedicated to an in depth attempt to explain or better understand the recent events that I have experienced in connection to coming to terms with the Death 44 years ago of my then girlfriend Bonnie.Though also is an attempt to better understand and or explain many events that have happened in my life thus far.

  Specifically relating to recent events . The thoughts have not just been one event but a series of events over the last month or so.It has been a process of amazement followed by doubt and then events of confirmation or validation.  

Referencing the enigmatic puzzle . I have mentioned other similar situations as I have experienced with similarities too the past month and 1/2 . If one goes to the Enigma Mac page album there is some documentation that can give a hint as to how many stories are within the story. To mention two (1) ask CBS News who was the inspiration for "America on the Line" Bush Sr. State of the union coverage.(2) I met with Gen Graham in Denver subject launch systems of nukes initial launch hidden from detectability. There are more.
Relative to the Enigmatic Puzzle "America On The Line" CBS. I sent a message to Charles Kuralt at CBS in that year. I have the receipts . The message was sent in a unusual manner. Those who were there during this time would remember.Days later they announced coverage never done before during and after the state of the Union address . My point was that if given an opportunity to respond and be heard the American people would respond .i was more than right.They presented it different than I did visualized it.which I can or will cover later . The curious thing is that with such an over whelming response they dropped it . Obviously Political and to this day the American People are the losers.  I would suggest getting the footage of news prior to during and after and I could take one step by step through the events.
Relative to Gen. Graham in possible interests of National Security I will remain silent for the time being.

Decided to give further explanation as to where it all became so real and continues.
trip was 5-27-2015

From: mcwpat@hotmail.com
To: mcwpat@hotmail.com
Subject: Trip to Rangely
Date: Thu, 28 May 2015 09:21:06 +0000

Special note # on my way back from Rangely I was having trouble figuring out the accident scene. Later near the power Plant near craig I stopped and I had a different experience. Bonnie's presence being explained to me and rose to a new level . Bonnie entering my body and us becoming one.
Will not cover all the details of what happened next except driving back my hands and arms on the steering wheel felt feminine. 
All so hard to believe . I continually struggle to understand and question but it continues.